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The dreams of when we were 12

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Our fishing show is a throwback in time when life was fresh and your parents encouraged you to try new things on your own. Get out there and live life!

Wasn’t life better when you were a kid and were trying new things and exploring new places? Share those experiences with your kids and those around you. The last line from “Stand by Me”, sums it up best “I never had any friends later on, like the ones I had when I was twelve…Jesus…does anyone?”

CastNCrew brings you a new full episode at the beginning of each month along with 12-20 shorter clips of tips, educational messages, tackle talk, cooking advice, travel suggestions, and many other topics. We never rest! We love the outdoors and present you with CastNCrew.

Capt. Rich Antonino graduated with a degree in economics from Harvard in 1992 and has been a charter boat captain in Massachusetts for the past 10 years. His passion for fishing and the outdoors is what drives the show.

Jeff "Woody" Wodzinski has been filming for 20 years and loves what he does, producing shows like this and capturing the true essence of the outdoor experience.

Richie Antonino, is still the kid inside all of us.

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