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Gulfport, MS, USA

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I have been building, inventing, and playing new kinds of musical instruments and sound devices for over 40 years. During that time I have worked in jazz and new musical ensembles mostly in the San Francisco Bay Area.
I invented the waterphone in the late sixties and took a patent out on it in the 1975. I make my living by marketing my instruments and sound devices through my web site at I also paint and do giclee prints of landscapes, mandalas and abstractions. I have one daughter, an author and one granddaughter. I travel to the San Francisco Bay Area about once per year to see them and to do some recording and performance work.

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  1. Richard Waters commented on Aftertouch
    Well done.
  2. Great Sound from a Master at Work.
  3. Yes, footage and music are One.
  4. New York will never be the same.
  5. This is a Bass Waterphone and I like this mystery music. Good video also.
  6. As always -Out there. My waterphones love Todd.
  7. I have known Todd for a while. He is one of the top players of my instrument, the waterphone and is frequently in the top 3 in the yearly Waterphone Music Competition. Todd keeps on stretching the boundaries which I like a lot.