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[weAREtheIMAGEmakers] is a not for profit online publication which promotes Australian artists, illustrators, designers and photographers. WATIM provides a platform for both established and emerging Australian creatives to show their work to a worldwide audience online, as well as organising and promoting exhibitions, events and projects all over Australia.


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  1. Fecal Face
  2. Semi Permanent
  3. sam smith
  4. grandscheme
  5. Ian Strange
  6. Beastman
  7. Joel Birch
  8. GMTA Skateboards
  10. shaun freeman
  11. trent whitehead
  12. Hooting & Howling
  13. blu
  14. Augustine Kofie
  15. ABOVE
  16. The Arkitip Chronicles
  17. J'aime Fazackerley
  18. Ironlak

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  1. 52732% Great but this also good goo.gl/EuvMM1