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Wayan Palmieri is an award winning editor specializing in workflows, VFX and stereoscopic post production.

Wayan was born and raised in the tropical island of Bali, Indonesia and has since lived throughout Asia, Europe, Brazil and America. At 19, Wayan moved to California for school and earned his degree in Audio and Video Engineering from the LA Film School (Formally known as the Los Angeles Recording Workshop). Since graduating in 1998, Wayan has been a freelance Video Editor (Online / Offline) and VFX Editor for music videos, documentaries, commercials, concerts, shorts, TV and film.

Wayan has always been an early adopter of cutting edge technologies, from the first version of Final Cut Pro, Live Streaming, and in recent years stereoscopic 3D and Large Format post production. Wayan began experimenting with the stereoscopic medium in 2005 and worked on his first live action 3D shoot in 2007. In 2009, Wayan helped create the digital pipeline and stereoscopic 3D workflow for Digital Revolution Studios (DRS) and was responsible for building the pipeline, training and supervising. Wayan helped DRS deliver over 22 hours of show material to clients such as Discovery, Sony, 3net, Hitachi, US Army and Sony Music. Some of the productions included “Bullproof”, “3D Safari Africa”, “Jillian’s Travels”, Foster the People “Don’t Stop” and the first ever 3D telecast of the 2011 3D Creative Awards, “Your World in 3D”.

In 2011, Wayan joined forces with The Faktion and Blvd Industries, which specialize in music videos and commercials in both 2D format and stereoscopic 3D format. Here he completed projects for Sean Paul, AWOLNATION, Brandi Carlile, Speakers, Red Bull Records, Nintendo, Atlantic Records, Sony Music, Capital Records, DKNY and Samsung.

In 2013, Wayan completed work on a large format (4K) National Geographic / IMAX documentary for Days End Pictures as the VFX Editor & Assistant Editor.

Wayan is a member of the Motion Picture Editors Guild (Local 700) and the International 3D Society.

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