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Wayne Horse (Willehad Eilers) is a german artist who lives and works in Amsterdam, NL.
In his work, which ranges from videos and drawings to performances and installations, he gives an often mocking ironic commentary on society.
Together with Abner Preis he founded the performance and rap group "the dogs of shame".
He works tirelessly and presents a rapidly expanding body of work, developing characters and new worlds.
Eilers creates situations, rather than closed stories. The aim being to leave space to breathe for story and spectator. He believes that a story will evolve by itself out of small apparently unconnected fragments, Individual for every spectator a little different.
Besides a caustic, sharp humor, his work also contains a childlike playfulness.
Moviescenarios are written during the editing process,performances take place before the text is standing.

During the years Lacrosse received various prices and honors. Foremost honors.
For more info check waynehorse.com";

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