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    by WDF Productions

    7 Videos

  2. 14:06

    Katie Piper

    by WDF Productions

    6 Videos

  3. 06:16

    Jemma Kidd

    by WDF Productions

    2 Videos

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    Case Study: WDF Productions Supplying To London Metropolitan Unversity

    by WDF Productions

    18 Videos

    These are selection of videos made for London Metropolitan University - Accelerator. The objective was to create various forms of video - aimed at increasing awareness and communicating London…

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    Francis Boulle Video Campaign

    by WDF Productions

    15 Videos

    A series of videos produced to promote and engage online and tv viewers for the book release of Francis Boulle's - 'Boulles Jewels'. All short over a couple of day using HD camera's.…

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