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Caitlin and Andrew are British/Canadian artist filmmakers working largely in film, installation, writing and performance.

Our recent work investigates memory and distance, the position of the viewer and the problem of representation.

Our collaborative partnership began at the Arts University at Bournemouth, where we graduated with first class honours in BA Photography.

We have attended residencies, and exhibited in galleries, nationally and internationally, as well as showing work outside of the gallery context in self-built installations and happenings. Our medium-length film, In Search of Silent Landscapes, premiered at the 26th Leeds International Film Festival becoming a ‘festival favorite’, with two sell-out screenings.

In 2012, we were identified as an emerging talent by the film producer, Colin Pons (‘The Acid House’, ‘Hush’), and selected to take part in ‘FilmWorks’, a Creative England professional development scheme for up and coming filmmakers.

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