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WCM 3D & Music Culture

We Create Magic is a team of professionals joined together by the passion for new technologies. We started off by creating 3D projection mappings on buildings but as the technology evolved so did our team. The experience we gathered while producing events, developing 3D graphics as well as sound and video effects enables us to create breath taking shows.

WCM offers full service technological solutions to your event or brand. We will help you clarify your vision and compose a script, prepare 3D sketches and the rest of the graphics, involving you in every step of the process for you to be able to make the necessary modifications if needed. We coordinate the launch of the projections and direct it to be flawless all the way, so that you can relax and enjoy the show.

Nowadays guerilla and other unconventional advertising draws more attention and achieves higher results than your standard advertisements. Imagine connecting 3D projections, social media and popular video broadcasting websites for you to reach millions of customers in a way they never seen before.

Projects in mega cities will assure that everyone passing by will take a look at what’s going on and probably video record the message you want them to know. While as blitz projection campaigns could be a great choice to enter the market or introduce a new product.

Our projects use these technologies:
•3D projection mapping
•Motion graphics
•Sound reactive
•Multi touch

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