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Bristol & London, UK

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WEDOTHISNOW is founded on a love of art, music, film, design, poetry, theatre, comedy, dance, carpentry, fish gutting, plate spinning, etc.

The idea is to find, document and share the things we love with our friends, family and people of the Internet; all whilst clapping our hands as loud as we can.

We want to take something that excites us and hopefully other people, then explore it outside the medium in which it is normally presented. From acapella rappers to a magician in the bathtub. WEDOTHISNOW celebrates artists of every genre letting them exploit the connection they can make with their audience.

WEDOTHISNOW is a collaboration between a small group of individuals from different creative backgrounds. For us this is a chance to cultivate and craft something independent, meaningful, and pretty.

That’s why we do this now.

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