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  1. Ouders van Nu

    24 videos

  2. Wefilm cases

    4 videos

    Wefilm is an Amsterdam-based collective that specializes in making engaging online films and tv-commercials. Stuff that people want to see and share. If they don’t want to share it, it’s simply not good enough. With this philosophy their online films have been viewed over 100 million times.…

  3. Hugo Keijzer

    11 videos

    Hugo Keijzer is a self-made director, who learned the craft in the field. In 2003 he started as cameraman and editor at MTV and soon he directed music videos for (inter)national artists. This work evolved into more commercial work and since then he has directed several films for global brands like FrieslandCampina,…

  4. Jona Honer

    10 videos

    Jona achieved in 2008 his bachelor of Journalism at the Hogeschool van Utrecht, after which he worked a year as a reporter for RTV Utrecht and the VPRO. Inspired by the cinematic approach of subjects at the VPRO, he registered at the Dutch Film Academy, where he graduated as a documentary director. With…

  5. WK

    12 videos

  6. Roel Welling

    43 videos

    Roel Welling (1979) is director and co-founder at Wefilm. He graduated at the Dutch Film Academy in 2003. He has directed more than one hundred commercials and online films in recent years. His speciality is making stories credible and touching, no matter how strange the setting. In 2012, Roel is juror…

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