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The mission of WellBoyFilms is to produce music videos, short films and, hopefully one day, feature films which will represent the realities and surrealities of Irish life. WellBoyFilms aspires to produce work which is witty, intelligent, considered - but not afraid to be low-brow if that is what this scene is crying out for.

For bands on a budget, we offer a range of videos from public domain footage 'mash-ups' (cheap to produce while getting the benefit of massively expensive production quality), to performance videos ('live' or green-screen), to concept videos. We are happy to provide a compressed version of your video for easy uploading to your Myspace, YouTube or other social-networking or video-hosting sites.

Feel free to contact us through Vimeo or directly at: info@wellboyproductions.com for a quote or just to bounce some ideas around. We will bend over backwards to find something that fits both your ambition and your budget.

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