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Gainesville, FL

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“My personal passion has always been to excite and inspire through the arts”

Being a Digital Media Artist has accelerated my creative process as I discover new forms of self expression through the transition from hand mixed emulsions to digital infrared photography.

“Infrared photography, film and digital, continues to intrigue me with its ethereal qualities of light.”

Gainesville Florida has been my home since 1974. After 22 years touring as a Professional Art Photographer I returned to college to complete a computer programming degree and explore digital media. Starting in 1999, I was invited to teach at Santa Fe College, shortly thereafter I was hired full time. The courses I first taught were Digital Animation, Computer Programming and Intro to College Computing. From there my Digital Media career branched into digital video production using Final Cut Pro, DVD Studio Pro, Compressor, Photoshop, and After Effects. My current course load also includes Digital Photography and Advanced Web Design.

In years past my specialty was gum bichromate photography printed on hand made paper. I am now focused on digital infrared photography printed on Somerset 505 gsm archival watercolor paper and gallery wrapped canvas. To view my current artwork don’t miss the Digital Media Technology Faculty Art Show September 11 though November 5 2009 at the Santa Fe Gallery, opening night will be September 11, 2009 at 7:00pm.

On May 4, 2002 I married my sweetheart and dearest friend Debra and we now live in a beautiful little house that was built in 1929. We have a wonderful yard with many plants, flowers and trees, certified as a Wildlife Habitat. We also have three ponds in the yard with fish, frogs, turtles and the occasional blue heron. The frogs often sit upon the rocks in the waterfall and wait for dinner.

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