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Interested in ornithology, sailing, DIY, pro cycling, English lit. and Land Rovers. Making videos is a recent project for my wife (Janet) and myself. It feels we're on a very steep learning curve at the moment - but we're already taking some satisfaction from what we're producing, the end product.

Anticipating one day being famous, successful film-makers - or at least getting something through to a film festival or even just putting up our own website - we've badged ourselves as WEST44 PRODUCTIONS.

Our main subject material this year is the life of a local school reflected in its use of a beautiful grazed valley it owns and where our bird ringing team has been operating for the past 6-7 years. None of the videos involving school pupils will be posted online - so our public portfolio is going to be pretty thin for a while.

John Crix September 2013

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  1. How amazing , so touching and beautifully filmed...... really something