Project Spotlight: Doing What Works

Project Spotlight: Doing What Works

Educators nationwide benefit from Doing What Works (DWW), an online library containing free research-based resources and tools. Kelly Stuart, DWW Director of Dissemination at WestEd, talks about this U.S. Department of Education-funded key initiative. How does DWW support and improve K-12 classroom instruction? What does the future hold for this project? Find out from Stuart!

This video is the first in a series spotlighting WestEd project leaders and their work. Be on the lookout for new videos!

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Ann M. Preus

To Director Kelly Stuart, from Ann M. Preus, originator/founder of Compute-A-Color early math.
Congratulations on the fine work you are doing. I feel fortunate to have found out about this arm of U.S.
Education; as a small business innovator/entrepreneur, my endeavors may have found a partner. Years ago, I published, registered, etc. this unique system for visual understanding and sensory learning/enjoying the amazing patterns and relationships of number. The TM Compute-A-Color aptly
describes the use of color and senses to self-discover and self-correct number facts and concepts.
Another TM came straight from the classroom: "I get it!". Kindly view my web: (it is easier to See than to describe.) I like what you do! C-A-C is best started in pre-school; it works to basic adult understanding...indeed to all mathematics. Please let me be in touch. My name
is: Ann M. Preus, 60 Seymour Avenue, Minneapolis, MN, 55414; 612-378-2448; web above.
Best regards, Ann M. P.
P.S. All my legal aspects are excellent. Thank you for reading this.

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