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With 30+ years of jewelry-making experience, including many years as head of the jewelry making department at the University of California at San Diego (UCSD), Jay Whaley is proficient at hand-crafting exquisite pieces in precious metals and he excels at teaching others to do the same.
Jay is a skilled goldsmith, tool designer and inventor, as well as a master wax carver.

Jay’s most popular workshop shows couples how to make their own wedding or commitment bands in gold, silver, or platinum. Whaley Studios presents a wide variety of other workshops year-round as well. Jay has two new tools with patents pending, which are being produced and distributed by the Eurotool Company. A new dual-fuel torch, designed by Jay Whaley, is also being considered for possible production by a major torch manufacturer.

Since 2009, Jay has also been the host of Metalsmith Benchtalk on Blogtalk Radio, a popular weekly online radio show that features in-depth discussions on topics of interest to the metalsmithing and jewelry making trades. To listen, go here.

Future plans for 2013 at Whaley Studios involve bringing in a production expert to do in-house casting, stone setting, and finishing for limited edition manufacturing for our students and jewelry clients.

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