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At a young age I can remember playing with my father’s Rolleiflex 2.8E camera. He, like me was a hobby enthusiast and took everything he did and gave it 110%. As I went through my high school years I would steal my best friends Canon Rebel and take pictures whenever and wherever I could. Sometimes I would have to borrow money from my mother’s purse to buy more film and to develop the pictures I took. As the years past, I slowly pulled away from photography to go on to more important things in my life… like getting a full time job to pay the bills. My hobby was put on the side for a while.

Fast forward to 1998 – always being interested in technology, a friend of mines told me about a cool camera that shoots to 3.5″ Floppy Disks (WOW!!!!). This new piece of technology rekindled my hobby for photography. This time around it was even better because I no longer had to borrow money from my mother to get film or images processed. I could pay for it on my own. My hobby turned into a positive thing and this time I didn’t have to put it on the side. I was a grown up and could finance my hobby. As my passion and enthusiasm grew, so did my inventory of equipment. Fast forward to today – Through the years I have educated myself and have learned a great deal of information. Thus, my style continuously changes with either the demands of clients or the progression of technology. The morale to my story is – I am glad that I got back to what it is I love doing…it definitely has paid off! Don’t give up on your dreams and your hobbies!!!!

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