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I'm Wendy and I am on a journey to make my life the best it can be! I totally believe what you think can influence the quality of your life, and try to focus as much as possible on the way I want my life to be. I love producing fun, upbeat videos and visualizations to music that put me in a great place. Your goals and dreams may be somewhat different, but ultimately I believe we all have the same basic wants and dreams. I appreciate the wisdom of Abraham-Hicks and other inspirational teachers, and often include these quotes and thoughts in my videos.

I'm also on a journey to lose 150+ lbs, and getting healthy has been a big focus of my visualizations.
Hope you enjoy!

You can view some other videos on my YouTUBE channel, (youtube.com/user/nevergiveup040) but working to get them over to Vimeo :)
Wendy :)

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