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Brugge , Belgium

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Skateboarder / Filmmaker / Videographer


My name is Willem Vleugels .. Nicknamed Willy Crank.

"From capturing the movement to broadcasting every detail..."

I spend most of my time working at my production company called Double Infinity Prod. Co.

Have a peek here:

doubleinfinityco.com / doubleinfinityco.tumblr.com

I live in Bruges, Belgium. I get inspired by the people around me.
Both the ones I know and those unknown...
My goal in life is seeing as much of the world i can with my own eyes,
translating my findings through the lenses of my cameras.
Most of the times i'm drawn towards the beautiful world of skateboarding.
Trying to widen my horizons any way I can.

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Willem Vleugels
videographer / editor
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  • Double Infinity - flexible & diverse film production company
  • willy crank - personal web page, filled with photographs, graphical stuff and stuff i find and made...


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