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Born in Mexico City DF, México. Studied Photography in USA. Studied film and TV at UCLA California. Lives in Brazil. Was professor of Cinema and Photography at Visual Arts Department at Federal University of Uberlândia (Brasil) Is now free lance photographer video maker and promotes Workshops and Courses on Panoramic and HDR techniques. Speaks French (Masters Degree) Spanish, English and Portuguese.

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  1. Thomaz William commented on MIAMI jazz
    Edo, Not nice, not, compellig it is simply AWSOME! You have just made me become your follower! I am going to try something like that here in Brazil. Can you imagine RIO? Wow! You have inspired me! Thank you.
  2. Very interesting application of panoramic photography technique with revolutionary implications. It will be long before any single sensor will be able to capture with such resolution. I have been doing panoramic photography for some five years now…