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Lafayette, IN

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At the core of what I do is Adventure and Outdoor Lifestyle Photography, mostly outside, on location but I also can handle myself in a studio. I am based out of Lafayette Indiana, a small community in the mid-west where the simple things in life are still important. It may seem like a strange place for a photographer like me whose primary subject matter is something more thought of in wilder places like the mountains. I’m less than an hour away from an international airport and getting to those wild places is only a few hours from there. Besides, we have some of the best mountain biking in the mid-west here in state!

Still photography is what I do but recently I've been testing the waters of filmmaking. I like the larger ability it affords one to tell a story. As with my still photography my film work will be focused around the outdoor world.

If you’re interested drop me a message, always looking for new people to talk to. As Steve Hartman always said, “Everybody has a story”.

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