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Tallahassee, Florida

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William Michael Gallant is a surfer from Tallahassee, Florida. At a young age, he took a trip with his family to Daytona beach and tried surfing for the first time. Since then, he was hooked. Surfing became his obsession, he would travel to locations around Florida whenever he could to better himself at the sport. His dedication to the sport started to overshadow his dedication to school, so his parents made him a deal that if he passed all of his classes with B average, he could pursue surfing after high school rather than attend college. This was the only push he needed- he began to bring his grades up and train early in the mornings before school.

Upon graduating, William Michael Gallant and a few of his friends set out on the surfing adventure of a lifetime. The surfed some of the best and most coveted waves across the world, stopping in South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and finally Hawaii. They spent a few weeks in each location, surfing as much as possible, lounging on beautiful beaches and making friends with the locals as well as other visiting surfers. The experience was absolutely incredible, and only further motivated him to make surfing his life, rather than a hobby.

He stayed for sometime in Hawaii, working various jobs, befriending locals and tourists and surfing every chance he got. Hawaii being a hotspot for talented surfers, he made many connections with people who work in the surf world. Many of them suggested he go to California, as it is a place where many amateur surfers go to get noticed. Gallant moved to California, where he works for the WSA and other surf brands, competing and networking to make it to the professional level.

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