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Assistant Editor
New York


My experience is based knowledge that an assistant editor is a facilitator under the guidance of the editor and the producers.

It is my duty to communicate well with the team, understand the underlying theory of the visual storytelling grammar, and use my technical capabilities to organize, anticipate and follow the script elements. I recognize that the dailies footage is one of the assistant editor's best guides to prepare the project window for the editor.

My experience and studies include setting up the cutting room for the editor, setting up the equipment, calibrating the video and audio monitors and working with SD and HD workflows, such as, Panasonic P2, Sony XDCAM EX, Canon DSLR and RED camera formats. In addition, I have set up the specs and format sheet for master and split clean output for network broadcast delivery requirements.

For detail information about my work, please visit:

Bilingual - Spanish

Thumbnail Photo credits: OBA - 2012

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