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Life is short.
It is impossible for one to experience every story, feel all emotions, visit every exotic location, meet every person and see the beauty in all of creation. That is why I joined a community of people that seek to capture with their cameras what they see and engage with in the world, in order to share it with those who can’t. As a filmmaker, I seek to use my artistically trained eye to depict a unique interpretation of the life and stories around me.

Random Facts:
•7+ years of video production experience
•Film Degree from Biola University
•Films for top wedding companies in Socal.
•Passion for shooting documentaries •Edits w/ FCP7, Motion, AE, Adobe Ste.
•DP/ Gaffer/ Cam Op/ Editor •Knows Microsoft Office & Keynote
•Travels freq. around USA for corporate film.
•Runs cpu hard/software side business.
•Helped innovate real estate video marketing.
•Hobbies: Volleyball, Photography, Travel
•Does all the above for the glory of God.

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