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Oceanside, CA

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Founded by four brothers over a decade ago, Windigo Surfboards are made specifically to open the door for where you're going next -- whether that means increased performance, pushing your trip in a weird, new direction or just squeezing a few ounces more fun out of your session. We want to know where you want to be and do whatever it takes to get you there. We go to great lengths to make the whole process special and unique for our surfers. From our factory boutique, The Parlor, to direct access to the shaping of your new board with the absolute highest quality materials and to meeting the whole crew when you pick it up. We do things here on elbow grease and sweat and seal it all up with an old fashioned handshake. We know our customers by their first name, their favorite beer and whether or not their kids are passing math class. We know why they fell in love with surfing in first place and we see it as our personal responsibility to keep the flame burning. Our surfers are much more to us than a serial number on the stringer -- they're our friends and neighbors. And we're stoked to help them get to whatever is next.

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