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  1. Flip book

    by Gonzalo Cordero de Ciria subscribed to

    36 Videos / 63 Followers

    Traditional animation blog: http://www.gonzalocordero.com/blog/

  2. rotoscoping

    by woolleyworld subscribed to

    7 Videos / 9 Followers

    rotoscoping in Flash

  3. Best 5D Mark III Videos

    by phusyn subscribed to

    84 Videos / 1,149 Followers

    This channel is dedicated to some of the Finest 5D Mark III video's posted on Vimeo.

  4. Vimeo Awards Community Choice Winners

    by Vimeo Festival + Awards subscribed to

    9 Videos / 1,985 Followers

  5. The Stereo 3D Channel

    by Ryan Suits subscribed to

    2,151 Videos / 6,926 Followers

    The Stereo 3D Channel is home for all things stereoscopic on Vimeo. Our Blog: http://stereo3Dchannel.com Twitter: http://twitter.com/stereo3Dchannel Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/stereo3Dchannel

  6. Student Films

    by Javed Ahmed subscribed to

    511 Videos / 5,173 Followers

    All types of Moving-Image work created by students.

  7. WeAreDN

    by Directors Notes subscribed to

    3,849 Videos / 6,660 Followers

    The What, How & Why of Independent Filmmaking http://www.directorsnotes.com http://www.facebook.com/DirectorsNotes http://twitter.com/WeAreDN

  8. Road Trip

    by Eric E. Anderson subscribed to

    74 Videos / 2,066 Followers

    Point your camera out the window and start shooting. Show us where you're going, where you've been or just share the streets of your hood. It's about the road... and a trip... okay,…


    by NOWNESS subscribed to

    482 Videos / 1,588 Followers

    NOWNESS.com is a cutting-edge editorial platform and daily resource for the culturally curious, showcasing one premiere each day, highlighting the most inspiring stories influencing contemporary culture…

  10. Final Cut Fridays

    by Red Giant subscribed to

    18 Videos / 113 Followers

    New Red Giant tutorials for Final Cut Pro users (almost) every Friday.

  11. Films documentaires francophones

    by Emeline Declerck subscribed to

    270 Videos / 293 Followers

    Chaîne consacrée au film documentaire d'auteur francophone (VO ou sous-titré en français , réalisé ou produit par des cinéastes ou des productions…

  12. SoundWorks Collection: Exclusive Video Profiles of the Sound World

    by Michael Coleman subscribed to

    136 Videos / 5,704 Followers

    www.SoundWorksCollection.com www.facebook.com/SoundWorksCollection www.twitter.com/soundworksvideo The goal for the SoundWorks Collection is simple; we are dedicated to profiling the greatest…

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