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Nampula Province, Mozambique

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Founded in 2007, Madeiras Prestige Lda. is dedicated to the exploitation and export of exotic Mozambican woods into logs or boards to foreign markets.
With Mozambican origin, the company consists of a partnership between Mozambicans and Portugueses.
The synergy created by the cultural meeting of Portugueses and Mozambicans (that goes back more than five centuries), allowed the exchange of know-how, as well as the sustainable development of the explored areas, resulting in a prestige product that takes the high potential of Mozambican woods.
The Madeiras Prestige Lda. is located in Imala, in Nampula province. The proximity to the Port of Nacala, the largest deepwater port in Mozambique, allows a prime location for export and consequent shipment.
The city of Nampula Province is the capital of and largest city in northern Mozambique. Has Airport and Railways serving the city and allow easy access.

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