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Worldwide Trophy Adventures is “Your Ultimate Outfitter Connection”! We can say this because of what we do, how we do it, and who we represent. We aren’t just another booking agency that does anything to fill any open spot available with outfitters that we have or haven’t been in the field with.

WE HAVE PERSONALLY BEEN IN THE FIELD WITH ALL OF THE OUTFITTERS THAT WE REPRESENT! All of our outfitters have been field verified by Worldwide Trophy Adventures as a Certified Outfitter. We only book for a select few Outfitters in each area, unit, or country. We may not be the highest volume Booking Agency, but when we book a hunt for our clients, it is simply with the best outfitters that are available at the time. There are also outfitters that we have been in the field with that we do not endorse as Worldwide Trophy Adventures Certified Outfitters. We have hunted with these outfitters as full paying clients, and in most cases leave camp giving the outfitter some practical advice and the reason we will not book for them at the time.

If you are looking to hunt with a certified outfitter that we have personally hunted with, make sure and contact us!

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