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Ed Wu is a graduate of Indiana University with a triple major in Telecommunications, Communications and Culture, and East Asian Studies, with a minor in Business. Growing up in Huntington Station, NY, Ed originally came to IU in hopes of studying music at Indiana University's world-renowned Jacobs School of Music. Upon arriving, however, Ed decided to pursue a different field of expertise and instantly fell in love with film and video production.

Through coursework, he was immediately drawn to operating hands-on with the camera and lighting, thereby developing a unique eye for cinematography. Realizing that coursework was not enough, he brought this passion outside of the classroom and started directing, shooting, and editing to enhance his vision.

He has worked on multiple films, music videos, promos, and other video related projects, some of which have received notable awards. This includes Best Advanced Fiction Film for the annual MultiVisions conference at Indiana University for his short film "Two Juliets." Additionally, he has won the prestigious National Golden Tripod Award in editing as well as a Best Picture Award for the Indiana University division in the nation-wide Campus Movie Festival for his work on the film "Giggles," earning a spot in the selective category of Top 16 Films in the nation.

On top of producing his own personal projects, he has worked extensively with professional production companies Blue Ace Media and Boston Productions. He is currently starting two of his own companies, Wuhawk Productions LLC and Color Blind Pictures LLC, both of which he plans on pursuing on the professional level after graduation.

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