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**If you see one of these ϟ in the video title, that means there are flashing parts somewhere in there. Watch with caution if you are sensitive to these**
~This is from my YouTube account because I want to move to Vimeo until Google gets their stuff figured out lol~
Hey! I'm Beth, I'm 17, and I love editing and vidding. I've only been vidding since June 2012, but I'm really proud of what I have accomplished so far. I've been a photo editor since late 2010 (approximately).

I use Sony Vegas MovieStudio HD 11 for my videos and Photoshop CS6 for my edits.

Favorite Pageant Kids:
-Taralyn Eschberger
-Delaney Blair
-Lexi L.
-Samara Ash
-Alaska and Braxton Mathews

Favorite Models:
-Diana Pentovich
-Kristina Pimenova
-Alina Yasheva
-Hayden Horn
-Nicky Roque
-Kristen and Ashley Watson

If I could live in any city, I'd choose Seattle because coffee.
I'm pretty much always up for collabs(:

Thanks for checking out my channel! Please subscribe!
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