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Brad Hammond ( aka XY01 ) is a Melbourne based experimental visual artist and creative technologist. His creative practice focuses on generative 3D visuals as well as combining interactive digital experiences with mediums, such as public installations, performance arts and stage design. After honing his skills as a professional in the games industry for 6 years, he left to develop his artistic practice and has exhibited works around the world including CeBit Germany, Pause Fest Perth, Dark Mofo Hobart and Republika Fest Croatia.

He also develops an innovative 3D visual synthesizer, ‘Splash’ which is used around the world by real time visual performers. His work has led to a collaboration with Chris Vik as Ethno Tekh, which saw them combine practices to create live audiovisual motion controlled performances, installations and software tools. Ethno Tekh is founded on a philosophy of evolving and sharing new forms of expressive human and digital interactions. Ethno Tekh works with an ‘open development’ methodology, exposing their process throughout development and sharing tools they create online for free.

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