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I am dedicated to the study, teaching, and lifestyle of Torah. I am also dedicated to the use of the Sacred Names of the Father & Son...Yahweh & Yahshua. We here at Seekers of Yahweh Ministries wish to help spread the truth of Yahwehs Word to all who will listen. We can also be found here yahwehsmessenger.com . Our Father and King is so very worthy to receive true worship as outlined in His Word. He has given us so much, even His Sons Blood. I would be so grateful to have you join me in my efforts to expose falsehoods that have been handed down to us out of churchanity. Let us lift up His Name together and worship Him in His Son Yahshua. May all of you be blessed...O'lam!

Elder Teddy Wilson / 208-553-8393
"Seekers of Yahweh Ministries"


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