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Jean-Christophe Yacono (yako)
creative, interactive & experiential director

Forerunner of the Internet wave and providing an avant-garde approach to the interactive experience, yako is considered one of the most innovative creative directors in the interactive field, for which he has achieved international recognition. The quality of his work and of his approach is regularly acknowledged by Canadian and international awarding bodies, as well as several specialized magazines.

After leaving the Epoxy in 2005, he embarked on artistic undertakings with decod.ca and projects with studios and agencies like Bluesponge (hors-serie.tv, 33mag.com, Close To Paradise), Strawberry Frog Amsterdam, Cloudraker, Moment Factory, Sidlee (Adidas, Tourisme Mtl), Toxa/Urbania with Mtl en 12 lieux, excentris v4 and Ubisoft as a designer, scriptwriter, director and/or creative director.

Since, he also worked as a creative director on Dubigbangauvivant.com with Hubert Reeves, La Machine à Turlute and Les enfants de La Bolduc, a musical and interactive webdoc. He is focusing on directing and producing webdocs, “convergent” content and interactives fictions for several production companies including Attraction Images and Lusio Films.

-- yako@decod.ca

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