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  1. Brent Hodgson
  2. T. Wexler
  3. Telluride Television
  4. Mark Spencer

    Mark Spencer Plus San Francisco


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    Mark Spencer, a Bay-Area-based editor and motion graphics designer, has been editing with Final Cut Pro since its introduction in 1999 and has been using, writing about, and teaching Motion since its introduction in 2004. He owns Day Street Productions, a production and post studio focused on corporate…

  5. Steve Kullback
  6. Melanie Kent
  7. megan krueger
  8. Leigh Reagan
  9. mollypapier
  10. Uranium Drive In
  11. Suzan Beraza

    Suzan Beraza Plus Colorado


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    Born in Jamaica and raised in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, Suzan Beraza’s thought-provoking films challenge viewers to examine their lives and consider the impact of their choices. Social and environmental issues pervade her work. Suzan has worked primarily as a director and editor.…

  12. Jeb Berrier
  13. jim hurst

    jim hurst telluride


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    i'm a bitter old never was climber turned photo addict.

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