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Yang Yang is a 3D motion designer in New York City. Focusing on 3D & Motion, Live action & Visual Effect, Interactive media & Design. Using Maya, After Effects, C4D, Photoshop,Illustrator, Unity 3D , Premiere, Max Msp.I enjoy working on a multi-disciplinary team. I love to learn and are constantly curious. I can think my way out of a tough situation, and I always push design to the limit. I fight for my ideas but keep an open mind.


  1. Roof Studio
  2. Deep Green Sea
  3. MAXON C4D
  4. Cineversity
  5. Troika
  6. aescripts + aeplugins
  7. Denis Forzi
  8. Jared Walker
  9. galleryManager
  10. Designmodo
  11. The C-Port
  13. CurseStudio
  15. KORB
  16. Recon Instruments
  17. Junghwan Sung
  18. Stefan Verbakel

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