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I design, direct, shoot, compoase, composite and edit.



  1. Tim Tadder
  2. Rino Stefano Tagliafierro
  3. The Mill
  4. Venture Visuals
  5. Medina Edit
  6. HiFi 3D
  7. Erin Feinblatt
  8. David Lowery
  9. luis peña
  10. Philip Bloom
  11. Vincent Laforet
  12. thomas murray
  13. Redglass Pictures
  14. Katie Armstrong
  15. Jason Sondhi
  16. Jordan McGarry
  17. Jeremy Boxer
  18. Matt Schwarz

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  1. This request is 3 years old. Have you really been working on it that long? Seems like a feature that a lot of users may benefit from not some big innovation. I hope you're still listening?