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I'm the founder and principal designer at my start up dream Lovedesh, a British philanthropic design brand that's in love with third world food, travel and design. I scout out all that's best from local artisans and bring back to share, create and curate. I then create the Lovedesh design range by collaborating with master British artisans and craftsmen alongside emerging fashion and design graduates.

By doing Lovedesh, we plan to change how the rest of the world experiences and sees 50 of the globe's poorest nations. And to make a promise. That once in their lifetime, they will visit a third world. The Lovedesh deisgn range has two major collection


Also I am a volunteer and founder at Amcariza Foundation, my new niche grassroots charity. To help educate, inform and smash the stigma for Third World countries First World IS The Third World.


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