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My name is Yeremyh Maduro, I’m a Cinematographer from Aruba currently based in Orlando, Florida. Fascinated by the art of cinema, beautiful imagery and visual metaphors, I decided to pursue a career in filmmaking and now I’m currently attending Full Sail University for a BS in Film. I’ve had the opportunity to work on many projects both in Aruba and the United States, including Award Winning Short Films, TV shows, Commercials and Music Videos. I’ve acquired experience in both film and digital capture and specialize in narrative cinematography. Aside from this, I also enjoy and have skills with the camera department, editing and color correction/grading.

What I love above all is being in a creative position where I work closely with the director to visualize the world of the story, and then see it come to life on set. It is beautiful when all the elements including actors, blocking, lighting, camera and art direction come together in unity. I’m always looking for new challenges and experiences, so with that being said, let’s work on great projects together.


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