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Yosuke Hosoi is an award-winning film director from Japan. In 2005, Yosuke moved to Los Angeles, determined to make his mark in the United States. He gained valuable experience through his work on independent feature films, music videos and commercials. In an effort to develop a better understanding of what happens on the other side of the camera, Yosuke studied acting under Rick Podell at the Beverly Hills Playhouse. A year later, Yosuke made yet another bold move to New York, where he enrolled into the BFA program at The City College of New York. His talent and hard work has been recognized and awarded a number of accolades, which include Official Selection at Cannes Film Festival Short Film Conner 2012 for "Man of the House," and Runner-up in the 2011 Asian American International Film Festival for his film "Club Fizz."

Inspired by the extraordinary stories found in the ordinary and the simplicities of life, Yosuke continues to work on his upcoming projects.

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