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‘You’ve Been Flipped’ takes those special memories and turns them into your very own pocket-sized Flipbook keepsake.

As well as offering Flipbooks for promotional material for your company, we are a Mobile Flipbook Studio - we come to you! This is perfect for ANY event – corporate functions, weddings, engagements, bar mitzvah’s, birthdays, promotional events, trade shows and more…. creating that perfect memento for all of your guests to go home with!

Flipbooks can also be made for invitations, ‘save the date’ invites, business cards and advertising.

Our simple process is creating a 7-second video, which is then printed as a series of photos, then cut and turned into your own little motion video Flipbook booklet – made on the spot by our friendly staff!

Make your event unforgettable with You've Been Flipped!

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