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Freelance Colorist / Etalonneur 

Scratch / Rain / Baselight / Nucoda / Resolve / Lustre (actually software agnostic)

Please feel free to ask me a demo reel link at yovmoor1@gmail.com.
N'hésitez pas à me demander un lien vers ma bande démo à yovmoor1@gmail.com.

My tech background and expertise includes:

-Digital camera / recorders: Red (One,Scarlet,Epic), Arri (Alexa), Aaton Delta, Codex, Gemini...

-Color management : Projector and monitor calibration (ACES / DCI XYZ / 709 colorspace, Print-out .

-Dailies management (DIT / Digital Image Technicians), RAW digital file (RED, ARI,MXF...).Transcoding (MXF, Prores) for Avid or Finalcut project.And also backup management LTO.

- On-Set DIT / Digital Image Technicians) : Dailies / First Light / Audio relink / Backup (LTO)

- DCP creation / masterization / KDM management

- Film Restauration / Pfclean

- SAN infrastructure (MetaSan and FC), Windows, OSX and linux.

Other skills :

-VFX compositing (2d, 3d, animation, motion capture ) 3dsmax / Maya / Renderman / Vray / Mentalray / Motionbuilder / Shake / Nuke / After effect / Smoke Adv / Flame / Pftrack / Vicon / Avid DS

More details on imdb.me/yovmoor


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