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Looking for job opportunities related to Technical Artist and Interaction Designer positions. Be able to relocate at any time.

Hey there, my name is Yujie Zhu. I am a recent graduate from Drexel University with a Ms degree in Digital Media. I have a huge interest in both art and technological development in the game industry. I think technology improvements can support the art team to achieve artistic pursuit in digital forms. The artists can also assist the technology team to achieve user-friendly functions.

I label myself as Technical Artist and Interaction Designer who enjoy doing both art design and code scripting. I believe acknowledging both sides of knowledge will give me more opportunities in understanding artists' and developers' thoughts. At the same time, my multidisciplinary skill-set can help them communicate in order to speed up the entire process of game production. I enjoy working with people from varied fields, hearing their voice and getting improved and inspired by them. I'm looking forward to joining different projects, and continuing my learning with courage.

My master's thesis, StoryJam: a Multiplayer Narrative Game for Collective Storytelling, has been awarded as Research Paper and Poster in 6th ICIDS - International Conference on Interactive Storytelling. StoryJam becomes the first game coded and designed all by myself. The thesis is adviced by Prof. Jichen Zhu, who is a Ph.D. in Digital Media from Georgia Tech under the advisement of Dr. D. Fox Harrell.

I enjoy making projects in varied directions. While I was at Drexel University, I was trying to keep myself open to every possible aspects. Get to know as much as I can, and see how quick I can catch up with the new tools. Therefore you might see my work in many categories. Going through the entire process from concept, prototyping, testing and refining makes me feel so accomplished.

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