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Yvette Edery is a Hollywood based makeup artist, puppeteer, and film director.

Yvette was instantly entered into circus training as an acrobat and TUTS theater school as a child. During middle school Yvette began professionally auditioning for TV and she continued dance, voice, and arts training. During high school she was cast as a triple threat in major musicals and was a star cheerleader. After high school, Yvette went to New York University to study directing and producing for theater, television, and film and was immediately signed to a 3 year exclusive contract with Abrams Artists Agency upon graduation. Yvette won several awards during and after completing her thesis project, "One Pine Place", starring the puppeteers of Sesame Street, going on to earn over 100k in 5 years in grant and scholarships to study puppetry in 13 countries, while performing off Broadway and acting as a production assistant on almost every major children's television production taking place in NYC.

Yvette soon was asked to teach in the Tisch film school at NYU and was giving master classes in performance to graduate students, as well as teaching workshops for Princeton University, before making her festival debut with Jillian Dillon (2009) which went on to play at over 100 festivals internationally, winning in Toronto and Beverly Hills. After Yvette's welcoming to the festival circuit, culminating with festivals flying her all over the world to teach puppetry and film workshops after her Q and A, winning awards, she began production on a featurette which would go on to become a permanent part of the film archives at the National Holocaust Museum in Israel, Yad Vashem, The Heart is a Mirror (2010), also a part of the permanent archives at the Simon Weisenthal Center in Los Angeles, CA.

Most recently, the Museum of Modern Art and the Walker Art Center have both purchased her films for their permanent collections.

Indiewire magazine quoted her as 1 in 6 female film directors to watch in Hollywood and she has been slated to direct for Warner Brothers and has currently written three feature films she will independently direct, design, and produce, in the vein of her international hit, Jillian Dillon, which has had several requests and distribution deals offered.

She runs a small business mentoring young artists as a personal trainer and acting coach, Standing in the Sunshine, in Hollywood, CA.

Contact Yvette at yvette.edery@ gmail.com

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