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I live for adventure. As a filmmaker, I work tirelessly to find unique, authentic stories and interesting people that take us to the far corners of our planet. It’s a challenging concept that keeps me searching, discovering, and learning to find the truth within the idea, ultimately crafting entertaining, informative pieces of art that are equally engaging and fun as they are memorable. As a Director, whether the idea is scripted or documentary, I pull the best performances out of my talent so I can essentially become them for a day, and experience the story through their eyes. For me, the actor or subject is the root of the idea, and then my lens naturally explores the atmosphere around them to paint the portrait.

I love my son River James. To watch him grow and see “everything” for the first time is completely mind boggling, and a total inspiration as I continue to create. As a kid, I was raised in a movie theater because my Dad was a marketing executive for a giant theater chain. I didn’t have babysitters – I went to the movies. I remember those early celluloid adventures through time and space, absorbing a steady diet of Spielberg, Lucas, Ridley and Tony Scott. I remember the way I felt…and I think about River seeing something for the very first time…and I bring that to work with me as I approach a new project. The audience needs to not only enjoy the film, but experience it completely. That’s my goal.

My personality is in the projects I have created, and I have won several awards that I am very proud of. People have told me I am an encyclopedia of knowledge when it comes to music. My favorite color is blue, like the waves I surf every single morning. The glass is half full. I lean on my friends. My favorite movie is Raiders of the Lost Ark. Everything I do is for River.

Thank you for your time...

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