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Zastranienie is a dynamic duo formed by two highly strong individuals - Boško and Ida. The two reside in Belgrade, Serbia and they feel rather frustrated with the environment - which is not refered to their homeland alone, but more in general terms of the world we live in. The concept of Zastranienie is based on the theory of defamiliarization (better known as ‘Ostranenie’ to which Boško and Ida paraphrased their name), as conceived by Viktor Shklovsky, the Russian essayist.

Formed during summer of 2009, Zastranienie came up with the idea of creating virtually notorious but also a humourous project which will focus on audio-visual misconceptions of who they actually are or might be. Deliberately dismissing any ‘cult of personality’, they chose the musical concept as their ‘political’ ideology, a cabaret, preaching art phrases twisted into social issues.

Their debut was the song ‘Plesna pokazna vežba’ (‘Demonstrational Dance Exercise’) - based on the avantgarde disco-hit ‘Wunderbar’, originally released in 1982 by Christiane F - whom both, Boško and Ida admire and were deeply moved by her horrific life story. Zastranienie decided to record it in the wake of a cover-tribute, however, they gave it a life of their own - translating some of the lyrics from the original song but also adding their own lyrical tension, resulting in a club favourite with hilarious spoken introduction by a Serbian popular actress - also one of the duo’s heroines - Milena Dravić (originally taken from her obscure ‘Aerobika’ cassette).

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