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  1. 01:34:07

    Better CG Reels

    by Zblur

    37 Videos

  2. 01:05:58

    C4D, AE etc. (Making Ofs, Tests & Tutorials)

    by Zblur

    8 Videos

    ~ Behind the Scenes, Experiments, R&D, WiP & Similar Stuff ~

  3. 19:25:42

    CG Reels

    by Zblur

    519 Videos

    Just showreels with CGI. The group "Photorealistic CG Animations & VFX" is here: vimeo.com/​groups/​photoreal "Photorealistic CG Animations & VFX" chanel "The…

  4. 01:38:46

    CG Short Films

    by Zblur

    53 Videos

    3D - 2D - Live Footages - Combinations + Trailers & Teasers

  5. 37:00:09

    Finished CG Stuff

    by Zblur

    1,303 Videos

    CGI that we like for some reason. :)

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  7. 34:33:01

    Making Ofs, Tests & Tutorials

    by Zblur

    733 Videos

    ~ Behind the Scenes, Experiments, R&D, WiP & Similar Stuff ~

  8. 02:04:03

    Non CGI Cool Stuff

    by Zblur

    32 Videos

  9. 36:20

    PhotoReally the best of the best!

    by Zblur

    10 Videos

    This album is not for fun. :) This is not something like opposite version of the channel "Photorealistic CG Animations & VFX", but is more accurate. The videos are arranged according…

  10. 20:12

    Zblur Featured

    by Zblur

    8 Videos

    Selected Videos by Zblur VFX Company

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