Zack Z-Diesel Dwammuelson

Bloomfield Hills, MI

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This page consists of sample work accumulated over my last few years of schooling/freelance.

Video Production experience ranging from Live shoots with static cameras and truck editing, to Digital Media pre/post production with linear editing systems and multiple external components. Skill set ranges from PC to Mac software, with a large additional skill set in audio production (Vocal Focus) and coaching.

As a starving musician in the Michigan music scene for the last 4 1/2 years, i have had unique experiences that have allowed me to view my video/photography in a whole different retrospect. Over 20 shows under my belt, and confident/collected both behind and in front of the camera. I am brilliant from a conceptual standpoint, where i can help others by taking their raw ideas or concepts, and bring life to them by structuring those ideas into an achievable final product .

I Come from a Business major, so i plan on entering the industry as an independent only after completing all available schooling , and expanding my skill sets to maximize my employability. I work well with a team, as well as a self motivated worker in the field and studio session alike.

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