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Los Angeles, CA

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a native Californian with an MFA in Film &TV Production (2011-USC) as well as a BFA in Art & Design (2005-CPSU), who loves to tell stories and create vivid imagery;

a creative thinker and problem solver who will be a valuable asset to your team.

Fluent in: Avid, Final Cut Pro, After Affects, Compressor, Photoshop, Illustrator
Proficient in: REDCINE X, MPEG Streamclip, DVD Studio Pro, Motion
work on Mac or PC. But I own and work off of a Mac G5 tower with a duel core processor, 20GB RAM, w/ eSATA ports. So I have plenty of power to handle any film project.

Experience with: Writing, Directing, Editing, Motion Graphics, Syncing, Multi-Cam Editing on both Avid and FCP, RED to Avid workflow (and other tapeless workflow such as 5D/7D, Sony EX3), working on Unity Isis, Sound Editing (temp, within the picture editing program).


When I'm not Editing, I am writing and directing mostly. I find that being a director makes me a stronger editor and vis versa. I have an opinion and I'm never afraid to express it. It all comes down to story, creativity and communication, and those are my strongest assets, regardless of project or position.

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