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The Zeitgeist center is a new initiative where we implement Zeitgeist ideas by providing Zeitgeist-related information, activities and services.

We have obtained a large storeroom near the city centre of Hengelo, Netherlands. We are in the process of furnishing it, and hope to open the center in May 2013.

Some things we want to organize in the center (mostly for free):

• Talks by academics and experts; movies/documentaries
• Education for kids: computers and technology, physics, chemistry, biology
• Workshops, for example: windowfarming, 3D printing, computer-related
• Technical facilities, like: computers, a 3D printer, programmable electronics
• A small library with interesting books + a library where you can borrow tools (as was proposed in the Venus project)

More info: zeitgeistcentrum.nl
Contact: contact@zeitgeistcentrum.nl

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