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Zen Garden were born in 2007 by core- creators Stefanos Tortopoglou (Stefan Torto) and Roxani- Eleni Garefalaki both of whom are on an ongoing journey through the corridors of music. Their music ranges from electroacoustic, ambient and free style electronica to tribal dance.Together with s.bell in live Visual environments Michael Mazis, the Percussionists Manolis Kambouris and Giorgos Koukoulis and the Performers Yiannis Smeros and Yianna Medvedeva, they introduce a multi-layered art experience by combining a variety of mediums to a film like performance, dressed as a music concert. In all their projects they explore and look into the creation of an experience which travels through musical landscapes, marrying electronic with natural sound, as well as the magic of live visual art and movement.


• Their debut album 'Simple Thought' and their second EP "Discover" were released by Cosmicleaf Records (10.3 and 13.12.2010) and various songs were included in the compilations: ‘Goa Beach vol.16’ by Yellow Sunshine Explosion (United Kingdom), 'Mahamaya' by IT record shop (France) and 'the Chill Spectrum' by Uxmal records (Mexico).
• In 2008 they create the ‘Feeling in Process’ project with which they were the opening act in Juno Reactor Live in Athens (19.4.08), and the opening act of international Aurora Festival ( 25.8.08).
• With their project ‘Semantic’ they opened the Future Sound of London in Athens (23/5/09) at Olympic Softball stadium. •
• Zen Garden were also the opening act for Ozric Tentacles at MCF Olympia (27/7/2011).
• They have participated in live acts around Greece (Blender Festival at Michalis Cacoyiannis Foundation, Ghost House , 6Dogs, F.S.I. factory, Club Mansion, Soul Club, Void dance bar, Olympia Mall, opening of Athens Motorshow live etc).
• They dressed with music the production “Deva” of the DanceTheatre Synergion of Arts and of the DanceTheatre Fygein Adynaton “Facts and Faculties”.
• Did the soundtracks of short films 'Gaia' and 'Long Distance Drunk' (by Post Bukowski Project)
• Zen Garden have taken part in the music orchestration of artmentary Chania/Eco (directed by V. Kalaitzis).

• They participated in free concerts for the familiarization of public spaces (by AAAGO 19/12/08), the festival of University of Ioanina (29/5/09) and the free festivals: European Music Day (2010 Pyrgos ), Legalize festival (2009 and 2011), Eco Festival (25/6/09), B-Fest (6 /2009- 2010 at the Fine Arts School of Athens) and the Void Network’s : Space Technologies (Kratiras Theatre), Electro Free festival (Athens University), Indie Free festival ‘09 (Strefi hill, Athens).

Info: myspace.com/feelinginprocess

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