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I am an anonymous zentaist alien able to shapeshift by dislocating parts of my body. When human, I prefer a more natural state by traversing and exhibiting a naked body and gold face.

UPDATE 6/5/14: Moving forward, I will refrain from posting new videos on a weekly basis, and will be deleting existing ones in time. If you would like to see more videos, please support me by pledging money to my Patreon account: patreon.com/zenozentai This will help aide for a better visual artistic experience -- video camera and equipment and visual media such as zentai suits and bodypaint and others. It's only at least $1/month for support. At least $2/month for visuals and $4/month for my "Skin Art" (Naked videos). As much as I would like to offer videos for free (and I would still like to), I would like to be supported financially to help with any visual aides I may need.

Your financial pledge would be greatly appreciated.

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